Three times as many innocent lives are taken through abortion than are taken by criminals

31 May 2007 



The ACDP welcomes this Integrated Childhood Development Strategy. In section 28 of the Constitution it states that a child has rights. This is good but why do we have double standards when it comes to children when they are at their most vulnerable state of life?

We legalise the murder of those who find themselves in the safest place in the world and that is in the womb of a mother.  This is called abortion.

Three times as many innocent lives are taken through abortion than are taken by criminals, and statistics, reveal that abortions after 12 weeks account for almost one third of abortions in South Africa. Sources at Philadelphia Hospital (Mpumalanga) report over 60%.

Twenty-four days after conception a baby’s heart begins to beat, by six weeks brain waves can be recorded and by eight weeks every organ is present. By twelve weeks a baby is a distinct individual, sensitive to touch, it squints, swallows, frowns, smiles, urinates and begins practicing breathing.

Traumatised hospital staff must carry the tiny bodies (often making little noises); in paper bags to incinerators and some are left to drown in buckets.

Yes Mr Speaker this is indeed a real predicament that we find ourselves in. But we trust that those little ones who survive the slaughter will flourish under this new Childhood Development Strategy. Life is tough especially when finances are not in abundance. With caring for the young ones we can ensure that our future leaders of this country have a good start in life and that we as leaders offer them the opportunity.

Speech by Ms AnneMarie Sparg on item 24 during Council Meeting 31 May
ACDP Councillor Tshwane Metro
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